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EAUH Conference 2018

EAUH2018 Conference Program

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Wednesday 29th August 2018

17.30-20.30 Keynote lectures  (prof. B. Marin, prof. R. Rodger)

Thursday 30th August 2018

09.00-10.30M08M02M13M53M17M26 M41 M46M47 M52M01 M54M06M60M28
10.30-11.00 Coffee break
11.00-12.30M08M02M13M53M17M26 M41SS12M46M47 M52M01 M54M06M60M28
12.30-13.30 Lunch break
13.30-15.00RT01M03M13M53M07M58M55M41SS24M46M47SS19 M14SS04M54M06M22M44
15.00-15.30 Coffee break
15.30-17.00RT01M03SS15M53M07M58M55SS05SS25SS14 SS16 M14SS08SS18SS09M22M44
18.00-20.00 Department of Architecture, Keynote lectures (prof. P. Desideri, prof. F. Muñoz)

Friday 31st August 2018

09.00-10.30M09M15M11M34M20M24M18M25M35M36M49 M51RT02M32M23SS02M56M43M31M29SS28
10.30-11.00 Coffee break
12.30-14.00 Lunch break
14.00-15.30M09M15M12M34M21M24M39M25M35M37SS03 M38 SS13 SS07M57M43M31M42M59
15.30-16.00 Coffee break
16.00-17.30  M12SS23M21 M39SS20 M37SS01 M38RT03SS11 SS10M57  M42M59

Saturday 1st September 2018

11.00-11.30 Coffee break
13.00-14.30 Lunch break
15.30-18.30 City Hall, Campidoglio, Sala della Protomoteca, Keynote lecture (prof. M. Baumeister)

Session details

M01Cities in Resilience in the Graeco-Roman World (13th cent. B.C. - 4th cent. A.D.)
M02Urban Citizenship, 1100-1800: Networks, Discourse, and Practice
M03Fragmented Cities: Governance, Citizenship and Urban Renewal in Premodern Eurasia (1200-1700)
M04Gambling and the City: From Rome’s Chariot Races to the Baccarat Tables of Macau (1st - 21st centuries)
M05Transforming Cities, Negotiating Spaces and Powers: Markets and Civic Buildings in Europe, the Middle-East and North-Africa (XIIIth c. / XIXth c. )
M06The Engineered City: Engineering Design, Experience and Failure in Urban History, from the Middle Ages to 21st Century
M07Natural Disasters and the Urban: Earthquakes, Floods and Great Fires in Early Modern Cities 1400-1800
M08Immigrants and refugees in Western European Cities (MA-EM) Immigrants et réfugiés dans les villes d’Europe Occidentale (MA-EM)
M09Belonging and Exclusion, Insiders and Outsiders: People and the Resilient City from 1450
M10Another City: Émigré Intellectuals and Transnational Intellectual Communities in Early Modern and Modern Cities (1500-1950)
M11Beyond City Gates: Spaces of Arrival and Transit for Migrants in European Cities, 1500-2000
M12Immigrants, the Police and the Courts in Urban Europe, 16th-20th Centuries
M13Urban Poverty and Poor Relief: Between Vulnerability and Resilience. Europa and Latin America, 16th-XXth centuries
M14Urban texture of Ostia Antica and Other Mediterranean Harbour Cities of the Roman Empire, 400 BCE – 600 CE
M15Vulnerability and Resilience in the City Landscape: Domes, Bell Towers and 'Emerging' Architecture as Visual Poles and Signs of Urban Memory from 15th to 19th Century
M17Challenges or Opportunities? The Social Fabric of Colonial Port Cities, 1500-1850
M18Writing the Resilience of Port Cities (1800-2000)
M19Cities – Regions – Hinterlands in the early modern and modern era
M20Feeding the city: comparative histories of urban agriculture
M21Suburban Creatives: culture, aesthetics and the creative economy in the wider metropolitan area (c. 1700-c.2010)
M22Historical Interpretation of the Regimes of Urban Heritage, 1750 -
M23Resisting to urban changes: voluntary associations for protection and enhancement of cultural heritage in Europe (1880-1940).
M24Cities, Space and the Sacred: Exploring Urban (Religious) Landscapes in the Modern Era (c.1800-present)
M25Cosmopolitanism, Citizenship, and the City (19th to 21st centuries)
M26Imagining Resilient Cities: Comparative Historical Perspectives on “Resilience” from 1800 to the Present
M27Longing & Belonging: Historicising the Emotional Topographies of Urban Life in the 20th Century
M28Spaces of Fear in the 20th Century City
M29The Impact of War on Urban Landscape: Transformations and Resilience in European Cities (15th-18th centuries)
M30The mobility of urban terminology: 20th-century exchanges across the Atlantic and beyond
M31East Meets West: Urban History and the Cold War
M32Culturally-Rooted Forms of Urban Renewal in Europe, Middle-East and Asia (from antiquity to the present)
M34When Local Wishes to Become Global: Heritagization Strategies of Small Towns and Little Places in Remote Regions (20th and 21st centuries)
M35Micro-Geographies of the City, c.1600-1900: Spaces and Places, Practices and Representations
M36Digitizing the Urban Archive: Towards a New Digital Urban History
M37New Technologies and Methods for Historical Cadastral Studies (1500-1950)
M38City Museums as Agents of Change in XXI C.
M39Sailors and Citizens: the Culture of Everyday Life in European Port Cities from the 18th the 20th century
M40Urban Gardening: a Historical Perspective, c. 1700 - 2000
M41Urban Histories of Heritage: Emotion and Experience in Comparative and Transnational Perspective, 1750 -
M42Spectacle, Entertainment, and Recreation in the Modernizing Ottoman Empire ( from18th until early 20th century)
M43Architectural Heritage and National Discourse. Appropriating the Historic Monuments into the National Narratives in the 'Long' 19th Century (ca. 1789-1914)
M44Global Trends in the Popular Culture and Nighttime Entertainment of European Cities, 1880s-1930s
M45Reinventing the old. The historicist Revival Between XIXth and XXth Centuries and the Image of Cities: Reconstructions, Renovations, Reinventions.
M46Alternative Narratives on Capital Cities, from the 19th to the 21st centuries
M47Hybridization of Knowledge and Transnational Urban Planning Expertise, Between and Within Europe, Americas and Colonial Countries (1900-1960)
M48The Winds of Change: Cities in the Aftermath of Empires 1918-1923
M49On the Margins of Memory. Comparing Memory Cultures in European Border Cities in the Twentieth Century.
M50Building Cities and Architectures in the Aftermath of the Second World War: the Role of the American Programs in Shaping the Discipline and the Built Environment
M51Anticipation, Temporality, and Change in the Urban Periphery from 1960 to Present Day
M52Re-inventing the Mediterranean Tourist City in the 20th and 21st centuries
M53Beyond Ruinenlust: Historicising Urban Renewal, Regeneration and Resilience (all periods)
M54City Walks as Critical Engagements in Urban History (all periods)
M55Infrastructure, culture, and identity in the modern city (19th-21th centuries)
M56Conflicting Heritage in the Timeline. Representations, Misrepresentations and Ways forward
M57Planning cities, making places (from 19th to 21st century)
M58Image and Identity of the Capital City in the 20th Century
M59 Cities facing crises
M60Premodern Public Health: Comparing Cities 1250-1750
RT01Exploring Intersections of Urban History and Global History
RT02Urban trajectories and path-dependencies: concepts, narratives and empirical cases
RT03EAUH 2018 Student Prize
RT04Inspired by diversity: assorted views of urban space
RT05Photography, Carthography and GIS: Sources, Tools and Methodologies for Urban History
SS01Beyond the Camp: The Unbounded Architecture and Urbanism of Refugees (20th-21st century)
SS02The Public and Private Domus in the Social Topography of Ancient Rome (100 BCE-500 CE)
SS03Demolishing Mass Housing in Contemporary European Cities (20th-21st centuries)
SS04Golden Ages around the North Sea. Urban planning, Architecture and the Rise and Fall of Urban Systems 1100-1800
SS05Play, Renewal and Resilience in the C20th City
SS07Norms and Behaviour: Developing Princely Officers' Praxis and Regulations in European Towns (13th-18th c.)
SS08Standing Out, Getting in, Staying in. Being foreign in Cities, 13th-18th centuries
SS09Tourist facilities in the Mediterranean (1945-1975). Coast cities and Resorts between preservation and resilience.
SS10Legal Culture in the late medieval and early modern town
SS11Une Histoire Comparée de la Marginalisation Sociale et Spatiale des Minorités en Europe et en Méditerranée (15e - 19e S.)
SS12Equipping Post-War Europe: Reassessing The Mutual Link Between Public Services And Urbanization
SS13A parallel story? Urban Renewal in East and West
SS14The Recirculation of Goods: Thrifty Households, Resilience And Commercial Circuits in the European City, C.1600-1900
SS15Facing the Wrinkles of Time! Urban Agency of the Elderly in Europe and Beyond (16th-19th century)
SS16Beyond the Family. Personal and Organisational Networks of Migrant Women Moving to the City, from 1600 to the Present
SS17Border Towns and the Resilience of Frontiers (16th - 18th centuries)
SS18The Discovery of Urban Living in the Post-Industrial Era (1950-2000)
SS19Women Professionals in the Urban Environment: Struggles for Autonomy in Early 20th Century
SS20Cinema in/and the City: Cinema as Space and Social Experience in Europe (1895-2018)
SS21Old and New Industrial Cities: Rise, Fall and Resurgence in a Global Perspective
SS22Living in the Projects: Company Towns Imagined, Planned and Lived. (from 19th to 21st century.)
SS23Cities in Colonial Africa and Europe (19th-20th C.): A History of Separateness and Entanglement
SS24The Urban Presence of Justice in the European Cities of the 19th and 20th Century
SS25Confinement in the City: Urban Renewal and Detention Conditions (18th-19th centuries)
SS27The Resilience and Conflict-Solving Abilities of Urban Elites in Early Modern Central-Europe (1500-1800)
SS28Idealised past and (re)constructed heritage

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