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EAUH Conference 2018


Session M32 - Culturally-Rooted Forms of Urban Renewal in Europe, Middle-East and Asia (from antiquity to the present)

Coordinators: Nicholas Temple (, Yue Zhuang (

Read Session abstractThis session examines the notion of urban renewal in cities around the world. The principle of ‘renovatio urbis’ as a temporal act of reviving/rehabilitating urban life, through ceremonial practices and urban/architectural interventions, is explored within a broader cultural and geographical context (in Asia, Middle East and Europe). The session aims to provide a platform for debate about how otherwise distant historical examples of ritual renewal of urban contexts can usefully inform our understanding of the contemporary (globalised) city, with its emphasis on corporate image, private/public division and commercial transaction.
Keywords: renovatio urbis; urban renewal; civic realm; participatory space; changing concepts of time; globalisation; tradition vs. innovation

Friday 31st August 2018
  Room 16 09.00-10.30, 11.00-12.30



The Development of Renovatio Urbis in Imperial Rome
Christopher Siwicki

Urbe Communita : building the Borgo Pio between the Vatican and Castel S. Angelo (1561-1565)
Roger Vella Bonavita

Reformation of Urban Ethics in Athens: the Restless Case of Exarcheia
Leonidas Koutsoumpos

Victoria Barracks of Disappearance: Contested Post-Military Landscape in High-Density Urban Hong Kong
Jing Xiao, Charlie Q.l. xue

Urban renewal and housing transformation in Hanoi, Vietnam – Interaction between small self-built projects and large government supported project
Ngo Kien Thinh, Yun gao

Urban Commons as a mean of alter urban transformations. The present Italian scenario and its historical precedents
Ioanni Delsante

Renovatio Urbis: Giles of Viterbo and the ‘Golden Age’ of Julius II
Nicholas Temple

Beyond Ephemeral: the Architecture of Festivals as a Tool for change
Louise Pelletier

Reviving Urban Life through Commercial and Festival Practices in Kunming City, China – cast study of renovated Old Street and Temple of Confucius in Kunming
Yun gao, Nicholas Temple

rooms+cities: the city is critical project – a poetics of collective life
Lorens Holm, Cameron Mcewan

First Clean the Streets: A Study of Spectacle during the New York City Crisis Years
Theo Temple

Beyond Bladerunner A dialogic of the everyday in Macau’s fictional landscape
Robert Brown, Zoe Latham