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EAUH Conference 2018


Session M58 - Image and Identity of the Capital City in the 20th Century

Coordinators: Antonello Alici (, Marco Iuliano (

Read Session abstract What are the meaning and value of the term identity during the complex and contradictory events that mark the twentieth century? This is a time when the geography of the nations undergoes continuous changes due to an unstable world political situation. Capital cities change location, name or role, suffer invasions, oppressions, occupations. They become instruments in the hands of the winners.
Which strategies guide these events, which tools and which consequences affect the image of the city? What role does urban planning and architecture play?

The city and housing problems are central in the institution of CIAM in 1928 and in all its congresses. What influence, what impact does this body have on the ongoing conflicts between conservatives and progressives? How does it overlap with local cultures? We could refer to the congress of Hoddesdon in 1951, which has chosen the title 'The Heart of the City: for a more human life of the communities', providing the floor for a large discussion on the role of the ‘piazza’ for the communities.

In the broader framework of the conference and in the attempt to create a useful dialogue with sessions complementary to the theme chosen, this session aims to compare relevant case-studies on Capital cities or temporary Capital cities during the twentieth century.

We invite to submit proposals of large-scale contributions, possibly with an interdisciplinary approach, to make it possible to compare the case studies presented. The proposals can range from the analysis of urban plans to projects for representative sites, with a focus on relevant figures as designers, clients, institutions, public authorities or private investors.
Keywords: Urban planning; Capital city; image; identity; conflicts; contradictions

Thursday 30th August 2018
  Room 09 13.30-15.00, 15.30-17.00



A tale of two capitals (Kyiv and Kharkiv as the capitals of Soviet Ukraine)
Svitlana Shlipchenko

Ambivalent Nostalgia, Photography, and Memory after Empire - Belgrade and Sofia, 1900-1939
Milos Jovanovic

Statements of Political Will – Republican Visions for Berlin in the 1920s
Sarah m. Schlachetzki

The municipal administration of the capital of Finland after the independence and civil war -democratic reforms and reconstruction
Kati Katajisto

The Winds of Change. Central European Capital Cities Between Past and Future: Prague, Vienna, and Warsaw 1918–1923
Jiri Pesek, Nina Lohmann