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EAUH Conference 2018


Session M55 - Infrastructure, culture, and identity in the modern city (19th-21th centuries)

Coordinators: Filippo de Pieri (

Read Session abstractThe session explores the cultural implications of the large-scale infrastructural and public works that have marked the history of 19th, 20th and 21th-century cities in connection with the international diffusion of ideals of modernization and urban change. Focusing on technical achievements such as the construction of railways, networked infrastructure, or housing complexes, the papers ask, from different points of view, to what extent the emergence and daily presence of these technical objects contributed to shape the culture and identity of urban groups and institutions. The session is articulated into two parts, the first one dedicate to an analysis of the ways in which urban infrastructure played a role in the negotiation of urban identities in specific urban conjunctures, the second one investigating how infrastructure can provide a vantage point in order to observe the circulation and impact of aesthetic, scientific and political ideologies.
Keywords: Infrastructure; Culture; Identities; Railways; Port Cities; Parks; Water Infrastructure; Networked Infrastructure

Thursday 30th August 2018
  Room 10 13.30-15.00, 15.30-17.00



A tale of two cities: engineering heritage and the politics of commemorating the Liverpool and Manchester Railway
Erin Beeston

«For those who hold pleasure at their command of aristocratic precincts» The opening of St. Stephen’s Green as a public park in Dublin (1861-1880)
Jorge Ramón ros

Contested Nightscapes: Illuminating colonial cities in the British Empire
Ute Hasenöhrl

Daylighting Place-Identity and Sociological Resilience
Brent Runyon

Engineering the Nile valley: Khartoum North and the first Aswan Dam as products of Anglo-Egyptian hydropolitics, 1899-1935
Samuel Grinsell

The railway stations of Lisbon and Seville: the technique at the service of the city organization and the consolidation of a new urban aesthetic
Ana Cardoso de Matos, Julián Sobrino Simal, Fernanda de Lima Lourencetti

Temps de la ville, temps de l'infrastructure, Retours sur la figure américaine du Parkway, 1920's-1970's
Nathalie Roseau

La conception des grands ensembles en France (1945-1975) caractéristiques environnementales et résilience d’une forme jugée obsolète
Raphaël Labrunye, Gauthier Bolle