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EAUH Conference 2018


Session M11 - Beyond City Gates: Spaces of Arrival and Transit for Migrants in European Cities, 1500-2000

Coordinators: Markian Prokopovych (, Rosa Salzberg (

Read Session abstractEuropean cities have always been places of arrival and transit for migrants coming from both near and far, with a diverse range of motives. These movements shape the urban environment and are in turn shaped by it; the movement of people necessitating an infrastructure of more or less permanent spaces to receive and accommodate them, to facilitate their permanence or encourage their departure. These spaces might be quite different in nature as well as appearance, they might be on the peripheries of the city or absolutely central; officially designated and constructed or created in a more ad hoc manner by locals or migrants themselves. They all, however, played a crucial role in migrants' journeys as points of encounter with local authorities and the urban community, places to access information, sociability and resources, facilitating paths towards integration or marginalisation.

Looking at and beyond city gates and their modern equivalents, this panel aims to analyse urban spaces of arrival and transit around transport nodes and accommodation sites to understand their role in the itineraries and experiences of migrants in European cities from the early modern period to the twentieth century. We encourage the submission of abstracts for papers examining sites such as city gates, ferry stations, train stations, ports, airports, inns, hostels, lodging houses, reception centres, and considering their political, social, cultural, economic and/or architectural significance.
Keywords: migration; early modern; modern history; transience; spaces of arrival; architecture; politics; culture; social and economic history

Friday 31st August 2018
  Room 03 09.00-10.30, 11.00-12.30



Early Modern Inns and Taverns as Social Centers outside the Gates of Castilian Towns
David Gobel

Troublesome “forgotten recesses” or Places of Integration: Corrales de vecinos in Early Modern Seville
Igor Knezevic

Out of the City: Urban Spaces for Transmigrants and Refugees in Central Europe and the United States before and after 1914
Tobias Brinkmann

Materializing departure: practices of emigration in Rijeka at the turn of the 19th century
Duga Mavrinac, Anja Iveković Martinis, Olga Orlić, Anita Sujoldžić

The Geography of Arrival. Places of Arrival and Spatial Settlement Patterns of Foreign Newcomers in Antwerp during the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century
Hilde Greefs, Anne Winter

From Lazaretto to disinfection station: Spaces of health control in Lisbon’s Port (1885-1945)
Celia Miralles Buil

“Gateway to Freedom?”: Airport Infrastructure, Mobility, and Freedom in Mid-twentieth-century Berlin
Mark Beirn