Paper submission

The authors of the accepted paper proposals are invited to upload the full text (max. 5000 words – .PDF file extension) on their personal user page using “View/Edit your submission(s)” icon and then by clicking on EDIT. At the bottom of the page you will find the upload box. Please remember to click on UPDATE PAPER at the end of the operation.

The papers will be made available to all participants of the conference in a restricted web area.

Please note that the deadline for full text submissions is August 5th, 2018.




This section will provide you guidelines which you can use while writing the final version of your contribution (max. 5000 words).


  1. Title / Author / Keywords

Title (font Garamond, 18pt, bold, centered)

First name and Last Name (font Garamond, 14pt, centered)

Institution, City, Country (font Garamond, 12pt, centered)

Keywords: font Garamond, 10 pt. (max.10 words)


  1. Body text

Font Garamond, size 12pt, do not indent paragraphs, space 6pt, line spacing simple, margin 2,5 cm on both sides of the text.


  1. Footnotes

Please use footnotes rather than endnotes.


  1. BibliographyExamples:


  • Book: R. Rodger, Edinburgh’s Colonies: Housing the workers, Argyll Press, 2012.
  • Journal article: M. Boone, The Dutch Revolt and the Medieval Tradition of Urban Dissent, “Journal of Early Modern History”, 2007, 11, pp. 351–375.
  • Article in an edited collection: S. Lomax, The View from the Shop: Window Display, the Shopper and the Formulation of Theory, in J. Benson, L. Ugolini (eds.), Cultures of Selling. Perspective on Consumption and Society since 1700, Ashgate, 2006, pp. 265-291: 280.
  • Edited book: J. Stobart, A. Hann, V. Morgan (eds.), Space of Consumption: Leisure and Shopping in the English Town, c.1680-1830, Routledge, 2007.


  1. Tables, Graphs, Images with captions

Include up to 5 (Tables, Graphs, Images) progressively labelled and with captions


  • Fig. 1 – G. Maggi, Map of Rome in 1625, reprint 1774, BNCR, detail.
  • Table 2 – Houses with shop premises in probate inventory samples, seventeenth-eighteenth centuries.  source: Data from Sovrintendenza Comunale di Roma
  • Graph 3 – Distribution of museum visitors (2003-2007)