European Association for Urban History (EAUH)

The European Association for Urban History (EAUH) was established in 1989 with support from the European Union. Its goal is to provide a multidisciplinary forum for historians, geographers, sociologists, anthropologists, art and architectural historians, planners and other scholars working on various aspects of urban history from the middle ages until the present.

Every two years, the EAUH organises a large-scale international conference, at which European and non-European scholars discuss new directions in the field, conduct and stimulate comparative research, and initiate future collaborative projects and publications.

Membership of the EAUH is free of charge, and is confirmed by repeated active participation during the conferences. For the statutes of the EAUH please follow this link.


Since 1992 the EAUH has organised thirteen international conferences.

1992 Amsterdam 2006 Stockholm
1994 Strasbourg 2008 Lyon
1996 Budapest 2010 Ghent
1998 Venice 2012 Prague
2000 Berlin 2014 Lisbon
2002 Edinburgh 2016 Helsinki
2004 Athens