(closing date for applications: April 15th, 2018)

The European Association for Urban History has a limited number of bursaries for postgraduate doctoral and postdoctoral students without paid posts under 35 years (on  August 29th, 2018). The bursaries cover the full registration costs of students whose papers have been accepted for sessions, or of students which will coordinate a session, or of students which will participate in a round table. All other costs (e.g. travel, accommodation) must be paid by the applicant. For a limited number of Travel Bursaries, see below under Travel Bursaries.

Procedure for applications:
Please apply on-line on your personal user page after logging in on https://eauh2018.ccmgs.it/users/

The closing date for applications is April 15th, 2018



BURSARIES PROVIDED BY ČSUS – Czech Association for Urban Studies 

(closing date for applications: February 28th 2018)

The Czech Association for Urban Studies (ČSUS) in close co-operation with The European Association for Urban History (EAUH) will award a limited number of bursaries to support participation at the 14th International Conference of Urban History ” Urban renewal and resilience. Cities in comparative perspective”.

Bursary provision is in compliance with objectives of ČSUS, which include the promotion of urban studies in the Czech Republic and cooperation of ČSUS with EAUH. The purpose of the bursaries is to motivate scholars to take part at the conference and to enable their attendance.

Eligible for the bursaries are applicants who fulfill the following criteria:

– The applicant is active participant of the conference, i.e. she or he will present paper that was accepted by the session or round-table organizers, or will co-organize a session.

– The applicant will attend the conference in person.

– The priority will be given to students and young scholars who are affiliated to universities in the Czech Republic and have no grants or universities which would be able to pay the costs for them.

– The citizens of the organizing country are not eligible.

– The bursaries that are provided by ČSUS cannot be combined with the bursaries granted by International Committee of EAUH.

The selected applicants will be provided with the bursary of the total amount of 10.000 CZK. It is mandatory that the bursary will be primarily used for paying the conference registration fee. The rest of the bursary must be used for the travel expenses related to the travel to the conference site and/or for covering the accommodation during the conference.

The bursary will be granted retrospectively after the conference against confirmation of attendance and other documents that will prove the use of the bursary for the conference attendance and indicate the costs: e.g. boarding-pass and invoice indicating the cost of the air-ticket; hotel invoice, etc.

The bursaries will be selected by the ad hoc committee comprising representatives of EAUH International Committee, ČSUS committee, and external experts.

The request consists of the following documents:

– The application form (download form)

– Letter of acceptance (email from session organizers)

– Short CV

– Letter of support from supervisor (in case of students)

The documents must be written in English and signed. The closing date for the application is 28th February 2018. The allocation of bursaries will be made in March 2018. All the documents must be sent electronically at CSUS2010@seznam.cz and mailed in hard copy to the address below:

Doc. PhDr. Andrea Pokludová, Ph.D.

Department of Art History and Cultural Heritage

Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava

Reální 5

701 03 Ostrava

Czech Republic

Committee of ČSUS