EAUH Conference 2018


M01. Cities in Resilience in the Graeco-Roman World (13th cent. B.C. - 4th cent. A.D.)
Jonathan Hall, Ioannis Xydopoulos

M02. Urban Citizenship, 1100-1800: Networks, Discourse, and Practice
Jelle Haemers, Eliza Hartrich, Maarten Prak, Phil Withington

M03. Fragmented Cities: Governance, Citizenship and Urban Renewal in Premodern Eurasia (1200-1700)
Amy Singer, Peter Stabel, Arie Van Steensel

M04. Premodern Public Health: Comparing Cities 1250-1750
Janna Coomans, Jane Stevens Crawshaw, Claire Weeda

M05. Transforming Cities, Negotiating Spaces and Powers: Markets and Civic Buildings in Europe, the Middle-East and North-Africa (XIIIth c. / XIXth c. )
Colin Arnaud, Alessandra Ferrighi, Nora Lafi

M06. The Engineered City: Engineering Design, Experience and Failure in Urban History, from the Middle Ages to 21st Century
Shane Ewen, Genevieve Massard-Guilbaud

M07. Natural Disasters and the Urban: Earthquakes, Floods and Great Fires in Early Modern Cities 1400-1800
Domenico Cecere, Matthew Davies, Mina Ishizu, Koichi Watanabe

M08. Immigrants and Refugees in Western European Cities (MA-EM)
Marc Boone, Denis Menjot

M09. Belonging and Exclusion, Insiders and Outsiders: People and the Resilient City from 1450
Emma Hart, Deborah Simonton

M10. Another City: Émigré Intellectuals and Transnational Intellectual Communities in Early Modern and Modern Cities (1500-1950)
Nicholas Mithen, Katalin Straner

M11. Beyond City Gates: Spaces of Arrival and Transit for Migrants in European Cities, 1500-2000
Markian Prokopovych, Rosa Salzberg

M12. Immigrants, the Police and the Courts in Urban Europe, 16th-20th Centuries
Manon Van Der Heijden, Anne Winter

M13. Urban Poverty and Poor Relief: Between Vulnerability and Resilience. Europa and Latin America, 16th-XXth centuries
Montserrat Carbonell Esteller, Åsa Karlsson Sjögren, Roey Sweet, Ronny J. Viales-Hurtado

M14. The Recirculation of Goods: Thrifty Households, Resilience And Commercial Circuits in the European City, C.1600-1900
Bruno Blondé, Jon Stobart

M15. Facing the Wrinkles of Time! Urban Agency of the Elderly in Europe and Beyond (16th-19th century)
Lynn Botelho, Gerrit Verhoeven

M16. Rethinking Women in Urban Family Business I (1600-1700) and II (1700-1800) double session.
Ulla Ijäs, Jarkko Keskinen

M17. Challenges or Opportunities? The Social Fabric of Colonial Port Cities, 1500-1850
Dries Lyna, Isabel Dos Guimarães Sá, Maarten Van Dijck

M18. Writing the Resilience of Port Cities (1800-2000)
Carola Hein, Paul Van De Laar

M19. Cities – Regions – Hinterlands in the early modern and modern era
Sabine Barles, Dieter Schott

M20. Feeding the City: Comparative Histories of Urban Agriculture
Clare Griffiths, Tim Soens

M21. Suburban Creatives: Culture, Aesthetics and the Creative Economy in the Wider Metropolitan Area (c. 1700-c.2010)
Michiel Dehaene, Ruth Mcmanus, Ilja Van Damme

M22. Historical Interpretation of the Regimes of Urban Heritage, 1750 -
Jacek Purchla, Gabor Sonkoly

M23. Resisting To Urban Changes: Voluntary Associations For Protection And Enhancement Of Cultural Heritage In Europe (1880-1940).
Angelo Bertoni, Lidia Piccioni

M24. Cities, Space and the Sacred: Exploring Urban (Religious) Landscapes in the Modern Era (c.1800-present)
Martin Baumeister, Anthony Steinhoff

M25. Cosmopolitanism, Citizenship, and the City (19th to 21st centuries)
Aliki Economides, Fuyuki Kurasawa

M26. Imagining Resilient Cities: Comparative Historical Perspectives on “Resilience” from 1800 to the Present
Dorothee Brantz, Avinash Sharma

M27. Longing & Belonging: Historicising the Emotional Topographies of Urban Life in the 20th Century
Joachim Häberlen, Christiane Reinecke

M28. Spaces of Fear in the 20th Century City
Mikkel Høghøj, Monika Motylinska

M29. Play, Renewal and Resilience in the C20th City
Lynn Abrams, Krista Cowman

M30. The mobility of Urban Terminology: 20th-Century Exchanges Across the Atlantic and Beyond
Gaia Caramellino, Susanne Schindler

M31. East Meets West: Urban History and the Cold War
Laura Kolbe, Rosemary Wakeman

M33. Tourist facilities in the Mediterranean (1945-1975). Coast cities and Resorts between preservation and resilience.
Vassilios Colonas

M34. When Local Wishes to Become Global: Heritagization Strategies of Small Towns and Little Places in Remote Regions (20th and 21st centuries)
Blanca Del Espino Hidalgo, Luda Klusakova

M35. The Discovery of Urban Living in the Post-Industrial Era (1950-2000)
Cody Hochstenbach, Tim Verlaan

M36. Digitizing the Urban Archive: Towards a New Digital Urban History
Søren Bitsch Christensen, Jonathan Soffer

M37. New Technologies and Methods for Historical Cadastral Studies (1500-1950)
Isabella Di Lenardo, Frederic Kaplan

M38. City Museums as Agents of Change in XXI C.
Jari Harju, Joan Roca

SS01. Urban texture of Ostia Antica and Other Mediterranean Harbour Cities of the Roman Empire, 400 BCE – 600 CE
Arja Karivieri, Katariina Mustakallio

SS02. The Public and Private Domus in the Social Topography of Ancient Rome (100 BCE-500 CE)
Juhana Heikonen, Kaius Tuori

SS03. Culturally-Rooted Forms of Urban Renewal in Europe, Middle-East and Asia (from antiquity to the present)
Nicholas Temple, Yue Zhuang

SS04. Gambling and the City: From Rome’s Chariot Races to the Baccarat Tables of Macau (1st - 21st centuries)
Jean-Dominique Delle Luche, John Hunt, Jeroen Puttevils

SS05. L’Eau dans Rénovation Urbaine de la Cité Islamique Médiéval (Xe–XIVe s.)
Maria Marcos Cobaleda, Dolores Villalba Sola

SS06. Golden Ages around the North Sea. Urban planning, Architecture and the Rise and Fall of Urban Systems 1100-1800
Jaap Evert Abrahamse, Heidi Deneweth

SS07. Norms and Behaviour: Developing Princely Officers' Praxis and Regulations in European Towns (13th-18th c.)
Martín Romera María Ángeles, Pierluigi Terenzi, Hannes Ziegler

SS08. Standing Out, Getting in, Staying in. Being foreign in Cities, 13th-18th Centuries
Francesco Guidi Bruscoli, James Nelson Novoa

SS09. Threshold Spaces? Integration of Foreign Craftsmen in European Cities 14th-16th centuries
Catherine Kikuchi, Alberto Luongo, Cecile Troadec

SS10. Legal Culture in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Town
Andrew Simpson, Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz

SS108. Nightstudies: The Night in the XIXth Century Peripheral Europe
Sotirios Dimitriadis, Rosa Fina

SS11. Une Histoire Comparée de la Marginalisation Sociale et Spatiale des Minorités en Europe et en Méditerranée (15e - 19e S.)
Luca Andreoni, Michael Gasperoni, Lucia Masotti

SS12. Vulnerability and Resilience in the City Landscape: Domes, Bell Towers and 'Emerging' Architecture as Visual Poles and Signs of Urban Memory from 15th to 19th Century
Alfredo Buccaro, Valentina Russo

SS13. The Impact of War on Urban Landscape: Transformations and Resilience in European Cities (15th-18th centuries)
Rebeca Blanco-Rotea, Margarida Tavares Da Conceição

SS14. The Resilience and Conflict-Solving Abilities of Urban Elites in Early Modern Central-Europe (1500-1800)
Iwona Barwicka-Tylek, Ferenc Hörcher

SS15. Spatial Magic – Urban Spatiality and the Use of Magical Objects from 15th to 19th century
Jari Eilola, Piia Einonen

SS16. Beyond the Family. Personal and Organisational Networks of Migrant Women Moving to the City, from 1600 to the Present
Isabelle Devos, Hilde Greefs, Thomas Verbruggen

SS17. Border Towns and the Resilience of Frontiers (16th - 18th centuries)
Mathieu Grenet, Hanna Sonkajärvi

SS18. The Long Afterlife of the Wonders of Ancient World: the Paradigm of Marvel Architecture in European Towns, XVI-XVIII Centuries
Marco Folin, Monica Preti

SS19. Micro-Geographies of the City, c.1600-1900: Spaces and Places, Practices and Representations
Alida Clemente, Dag Lindström, Jon Stobart

SS20. Policing foreigners in European Cities During the Long Eighteenth Century
Vincent Denis, David Garrioch, Vincent Milliot

SS21. Sailors and Citizens: the Culture of Everyday Life in European Port Cities from the 18th the 20th century
Yiannis Kokkinakis, Kirill Nazarenko

SS22. Urban Gardening: a Historical Perspective, c. 1700 - 2000
Ivaylo Nachev, Jill Steward

SS23. Urban Histories of Heritage: Emotion and Experience in Comparative and Transnational Perspective, 1750 -
James Lesh, Rebecca Madgin

SS24. Spectacle, Entertainment, and Recreation in the Modernizing Ottoman Empire ( from18th until early 20th century)
Seda Kula Say, Nilay Ozlu

SS25. Confinement in the City: Urban Renewal and Detention Conditions (18th-19th centuries)
Tommaso Caliò, Marco Cicchini, Chiara Lucrezio Monticelli

SS26. Architectural Heritage and National Discourse. Appropriating the Historic Monuments into the National Narratives in the 'Long' 19th Century (ca. 1789-1914)
Dragan Damjanovic, Aleksander Lupienko

SS28. Global Trends in the Popular Culture and Nighttime Entertainment of European Cities, 1880s-1930s
Antje Dietze, Alexander Vari

SS29. The Urban Presence of Justice in the European Cities of the 19th and 20th Century
Amalia Kotsaki, Panagiotis Tournikiotis

SS30. Cities in Colonial Africa and Europe (19th-20th C.): A History of Separateness and Entanglement
Geert Castryck, Johan Lagae

SS31. Reinventing the old. The historicist Revival Between XIXth and XXth Centuries and the Image of Cities: Reconstructions, Renovations, Reinventions.
Paola Lanaro

SS32. Living in the Projects: Company Towns Imagined, Planned and Lived. (from 19th to 21st century.)
Barbora Vacková, Agata Zysiak

SS33. Old and New Industrial Cities: Rise, Fall and Resurgence in a Global Perspective
Martin Pekar, Andrea Pokludova

SS34. Alternative Narratives on Capital Cities, from the 19th to the 21st centuries
Maria Fernanda Derntl, Nari Shelekpayev

SS35. Cinema in/and the City: Cinema as Space and Social Experience in Europe (1895-2018)
Åsa Jernudd, Thunnis Van Oort

SS36. Hybridization of Knowledge and Transnational Urban Planning Expertise, Between and Within Europe, Americas and Colonial Countries (1900-1960)
Angelo Bertoni, Josianne Francia Cerasoli

SS37. Women Professionals in the Urban Environment: Struggles for Autonomy in Early 20th Century
Isil Cokugras, Irem Gencer

SS38. The Winds of Change: Cities in the Aftermath of Empires 1918-1923
Tullia Catalan, Catherine Horel

SS39. On the Margins of Memory. Comparing Memory Cultures in European Border Cities in the Twentieth Century.
Borut Klabjan, Brigitte Le Normand

SS40. A parallel story? Urban Renewal in East and West
Petr Roubal, Max Welch Guerra

SS41. Building Cities and Architectures in the Aftermath of the Second World War: the Role of the American Programs in Shaping the Discipline and the Built Environment
Patrizia Bonifazio, Filippo De Dominicis, Nicole De Togni

SS42. Equipping Post-War Europe: Reassessing The Mutual Link Between Public Services And Urbanization
Cristina Renzoni, Michael Ryckewaert

SS43. Demolishing Mass Housing in Contemporary European Cities (20th-21st centuries)
Bruno Bonomo, Alice Sotgia

SS44. Rebels Without a Cause? - Youth Riots in Post-War Europe
Andrés Brink Pinto, Femke Kaulingfreks

SS45. Anticipation, Temporality, and Change in the Urban Periphery from 1960 to Present Day
Denis Bocquet, Marius Grønning

SS46. Re-inventing the Mediterranean Tourist City in the 20th and 21st centuries
Castro Brunetto Carlos Javier, Katerina Chatzikonstantinou, David Martín López

SS47. Beyond the Camp: The Unbounded Architecture and Urbanism of Refugees (20th-21st century)
Eliana Abu-Hamdi, Yael Allweil

SS48. Women and the City. The Changing Role of Women in Urban Renewal since 1989
Caterina Franchini, Helena Seražin

SS49. Beyond Ruinenlust: Historicising Urban Renewal, Regeneration and Resilience (all periods)
Marcello Balbo, Julio D Davila, Carlos Lopez Galviz

SS50. City Walks as Critical Engagements in Urban History (all periods)
Ragnhild Claesson, Pia Olsson, Per-Markku Ristilammi