EAUH Conference 2018


Session SS03. Culturally-Rooted Forms of Urban Renewal in Europe, Middle-East and Asia (from antiquity to the present)

Coordinators: Nicholas Temple (, Yue Zhuang (

This session examines the notion of urban renewal in cities around the world. The principle of ‘renovatio urbis’ as a temporal act of reviving/rehabilitating urban life, through ceremonial practices and urban/architectural interventions, is explored within a broader cultural and geographical context (in Asia, Middle East and Europe). The session aims to provide a platform for debate about how otherwise distant historical examples of ritual renewal of urban contexts can usefully inform our understanding of the contemporary (globalised) city, with its emphasis on corporate image, private/public division and commercial transaction.
Keywords: renovatio urbis; urban renewal; civic realm; participatory space; changing concepts of time; globalisation; tradition vs. innovation