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EAUH Conference 2018


Session SS09 - Tourist facilities in the Mediterranean (1945-1975). Coast cities and Resorts between preservation and resilience.

Coordinators: Vassilios Colonas (

Read Session abstractAfter an impressive renaissance of leisure architecture in the 1950’s and 1960’s aimed at high-income tourism mainly from USA, in the 1970’s Mediterranean countries sought to attract the maximum number of low income visitors by building low-cost facilities, in line with overseas mass touristic development.
However, this initiative gradually depreciated the architecture of the Modern in the collective memory and steered public taste towards all kinds of "revivals". Hence neologisms in the architecture of tourism were characterized by a superficial interpretation of tradition and an adoption of historical forms, not only in new construction, but also in the so-called "renovations" of the modern heritage.
The session aims to analyse the re-interpretation of the coastal cities and resorts along the Mediterranean which have been designated by the gradual development of mass tourism, the emergence of new types of tourist facilities and the adoption of a world-wide recognizable “international” architectural style.
Also to provide new perspectives in the field of integration of leisure architecture in the Mediterranean landscape (natural, traditional, urban) and the implementation of new strategies towards urban renewal, preservation and resilience of the coastal cities and resorts.
We will welcome papers on these topics:
- Town Planning legislation - Mass Tourism- Leisure Architecture
- Tourist facilities - Post W.War II modernism
- Preservation and Integration policies
Keywords: social history; urban morphology; leisure architecture; tourism policies and strategies; tourist facilities; post-War II modernism

Thursday 30th August 2018
  Room 21 15.30-17.00



Holiday villages on the Mediterranean coast during the Thirty Glorious
Leïla El-Wakil

‘Familiarizing’ with the coast: Greek State Planning and the Tourism agenda (1950-1967)
Angelos Vlachos

The transformation of Italian coasts among landscape protection and tourism development
Adele Fiadino

Cinematic representations of Attica’s tourist landscape from the second half of the 20th Century until today
Emmanouil Paravoliasis