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EAUH Conference 2018


Session SS24 - The Urban Presence of Justice in the European Cities of the 19th and 20th Century

Coordinators: Amalia Kotsaki (, Panagiotis Tournikiotis (

Read Session abstractThe dignified housing of Justice has been an ardent desire of governments, lawyers, architects and city planners in Europe from the 19th century since nowadays.
The Palaces of Justice, truly prestigious public buildings has often been a meeting point of political ambition, urban planning and architectural visions. Leading figures of the European political scene march together with some of the most distinguished city planners and architects allowing the possibility to convey the relationship between the city, its politics and its architecture in the chariot of the urban presence of Justice.
Recently, the increasing needs of the function of Justice and the Justice decentralization led to the abandonment of the historical Palaces of Justice and to its housing to new modern complexes far from the city center (for example Paris Batignolles). As a result of this evolution occur a series of questions concerning the role of the urban presence of Justice and the urban transformations.
This session intends to bring to light the symbolic presence of Justice in the public space dealing with the following issues:
- The presence of Justice in the urban tissue (case studies) in European cities
- Different approaches of the institution of Justice between European states and their expression in the public space.
- The Palace of Justice as lever of urban transformations
- The relationship between Justice and Religion and its expression on the urban tissue
- The relationship between Justice and Security and its expression on the urban tissue
- The transformation of existing buildings to Halls of Justice and the metallaxis of the urban symbols
- The Palace of Justice as a tool of urban amelioration and development
- Reflections of the Justice decentralization to the city.
- Comparisons between European cities.
Keywords: justice; Europe; symbol; transformation; public; politics; institution

Thursday 30th August 2018
  Room 12 13.30-15.00



Justice of the City vs Justice in the City : the effects of the 1835 English Municipal Reform on the exercise of Justice
Frederic Moret

The Court of Justice - the Symbol of Power as a New Town Centre (Presov, Slovakia, 1943)
Martin Pekar

Housing jusitice in Athens 1834-2014 City, Politics, Architecture.
Amalia Kotsaki

The urban pressence of Justice in the European countries - a case study on the alteration of the building type of the Palace of Justice and its expression in the urban tissue
Iasonas Ameranis