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EAUH Conference 2018


Session SS28 - Idealised past and (re)constructed heritage

Coordinators: Bernard Gauthiez (, Giuseppe Stemperini (, Carlo Maria Travaglini (

Read Session abstract This session deals with the way some realisations in the 20th century, through the restoration of buildings or urban ensembles, led to reconstructions not always corresponding to the principles of the Venice Charter which emphasizes the respect of the remaining historical materiality.
Several projects are reassessed to understand how this process occurred, in the ensembles of the town of Obidos and the Great Beguinage at Leuwen, right in the context of the Venice Charter elaboration in the 1960s and examplified in its regard, and in the earlier development of the Al Khulaffaa mosque site at Bagdad. The Sagrada Familia project points out the struggle of different and contrasting ideologies to appear in the urban landscape and dominate it, the Catholics finally triumphing although they were not so welcome when the plan of extension of the city was carried-out after 1864. This is a situation comparable to the building of Montmartre Church in Paris, or of Fourvičre Basilique at Lyons in the same period.
Dominating the urban landscape means an appropriation of its potential symbolic force, which explained why the temple of Augustus was first built in Ankara, its site reinterpreted and re-appropriated by the ottoman authorities in the 15th century with the Haci Bayram Veli mosque, then again in the 1980s by the Turkish.
These examples show how the conception of architectural and urban space can be built on ideological scopes through the restoration, reconstruction and reinvention of a sometimes phantasied past to answer political ideas and personal promotion as well, which is often overlooked.

Friday 31st August 2018
  Sala Lauree 09.00-10.30



Absorbing Floods : Opportunistic Landscapes of the Oslo Territory
Peter Hemmersam, Marianne Skjulhaug, Elisabeth Sjödahl

Raymond M. Lemaire, the Great Beguinage of Leuven and the reinvention of the traditional city
Claudine Houbart

Recomposing Fragments: the case of the Reinvention of Al-Khulaffaa Mosque in Baghdad
Saba Sami Mehdi al ali, Nawar Sami Mehdi al ali

The Hybrid Sacred at the Heart of a Modern Capital: The Temple of Augustus and the Haci Bayram Veli Mosque in Ankara
Cagla Caner Yuksel, Pelin Yoncaci Arslan

The Portuguese village of Óbidos: a delicate balance of a sustained management between the historical past and current challenges
Clara Moura Soares, Maria Joćo Neto

The Sagrada Familia, Montserrat and the construction of modern Barcelona. Architecture, landscape, ideology and the city.
Josep-Maria Garcia-Fuentes