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EAUH Conference 2018


Session ZRT03 - Comparative Research Perspectives in Digital Humanities

Coordinators: Eva Chodejovska (, Keti Lelo (, Keti Lelo (

Read Session abstractThe introduction of new information and communication technologies for the documentation, cataloguing, analysis and interpretation of the built heritage offers the possibility to integrate traditional investigations with new research dynamics and to propose useful solutions in various research stages. The “spatial” approach to urban history has grown stronger as well, due to the increasing awareness to digital cartographic supports. New insights, concepts, models, have found application in numerous urban history GIS and Web-GIS projects. The use of these technologies enables historians to manage, compare and share huge amounts of information about the city.
The scope of the session “Comparative research perspectives in digital humanities” is to compare, at the international level, different approaches of the use of new technologies in historical research, focusing on methodological questions and efficiency aspects.
The focus will be paid to the transformations introduced by digital tools and methods in the urban domain of historical research.
The session will be structured around broad research lines that illustrate the ways in which digital technologies may be of particular use to urban historians, that include: digital processing, (data collection, their storing and sorting); digital analysis and interpretation (the use of Geographic Information Systems as a tool for analysis and interpretation); digital communication (map collections, digital map libraries, archives, web).
Keywords: digital humanities; urban history; information technologies